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Star Wars Porn Story: Star Wars jedi general pt 1.2

Star Wars Porn Story: Star Wars jedi general pt 1.2

This is another part of the Jedi General saga that could not be put on fan fiction due to sexual content…


Marsis and Bariss were in the small room yet again, preparing to fuck.  After their first experience the day before, he knew he had to do it again.  She was already stripped down for him.  He proceeded removing everything he had on.  He got on top of the cot and she pounced on him.  She pushed his head down. 
Allow me!  She said.  She stood up on he knee’s, and slowly slid her tight pussy down onto his stiff cock.  She screamed out as his dick went deep into her.  She began sliding up and down on his shaft.  He moaned. 
This is great!  He exclaimed. 
She responded by moaning.
He sat up and pushed her down. 
Now it’s my turn!  He said as he began thrusting deep into her.  She screamed now. 
She shook her head… Let’s move….
He turned over and hung his leg over the side of the cot.  She was now on top of him.  He continued thrusting.  She screamed randomly each time he thrust.  He reached up and grabbed her tits.  He moved them about as she bobbed up and down each time he thrust.  She began to stand up then tossed him down on the floor.  He laid spread out as she slid his dick into her mouth.  That is soooo nice… He exclaimed.  She continued then stopped and began giving him a hand job… She rubbed her hands up and down his spit covered cock.  It’s coming he said.  She kept going.  He came on her hands.  She smiled as she laid down on top of his and kissed him.  She continued to lay on him.    Let’s go up on the bed.  He said.  The two laid on the bed, and fell asleep.

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Star Wars %u2013 The Restricted Files Chapter 2 %u2013 Meeting Ass-hoka Tano Part 2

Star Wars – The Restricted Files
Chapter 2 – Meeting Ass-hoka Tano Part 2

Disclaimer: The following story is not connected with the Star Wars franchise, or its creator, George Lucas and does not represent the characters, writers or producers of set franchise.

Story Codes: Mf, x-mast, cream pie, hp, grope, spank

‘Hey Dad… Where’s Chewie?’ asked a flustered Anakin Solo as he and his fifteen year old sister, Jaina, walked into the family’s living room to find their father rooting through the cushions on the sofa.

‘Oh… He’s back at docking bay, still working on the Falcon… I just came back to find that console I was working on last night. I know I left it here somewhere…’ Han Solo replied, digging through the cushions to find the tiny console which could mean flight or folly when it came to the venerable Millennium Falcon.

‘We’ll help you find it, Dad’ said Jaina as she and Anakin used their telekinetic Jedi powers to levitate every cushion in the room until their Father finally found the device.

‘Thanks kids… I definitely won’t be home for dinner though, so you’ll be on your own tonight… See ya’ Han said before exiting the room and then the Solo home.

‘So Jaina… How about we watch another one of those videos…?’ Anakin asked his sister, looking anxious to watch another historical holovid the three siblings had stolen from C-3PO’s restricted files.

‘Fine… Go get Jacen and meet me down in the holo-projector room’ Jaina replied, also wanting to see what else the Continue reading

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